Today, we are excited to announce the updated white paper for GoChargeTech. Its purpose is to better showcase the progress and our vision for the future and how we’re bridging the Internet of Things devices to blockchain.

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Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Progress
  3. White Paper V2.0. What’s new?
  4. Our vision and future plans

1. Introduction

Going back one year, the initial version of the GoChargeTech white paper has been released. It described our vision, the problem we’re looking to fix, our solution and the road to the end product. Below are few of the key points from V1.0:

  • Our vision: we believe that a sustainable future can be achieved with a business model that includes a sharing economy and a circular design strategy.
  • Our mission 1.0: in phase 1, our goal is to increase the adoption of power bank mobility. We’ll create a network of stations across Europe where users will be able to:
    • rent power banks
    • own power banks in franchise 
    • run commercials on the station’s display
  • The problem: in today’s world, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without your phone. We rely on our smart devices for so many things and it’s a tragedy when we’re out of battery and there’s no option to charge the phone.
  • The solution: a decentralised network of power bank sharing stations designed for crowded locations like airports, train stations, bars, restaurants etc.

2. Progress

In the past year, our team achieved a few important milestones. Let’s put them all together:

  • All year round we’ve been discussing with multiple suppliers and tested different stations and integrations.
  • In July 2022, the MVP was released for testing. It was a basic app with few pages and minimalist design. Users were able to see the stations on the map, open a popup with details related to each station, scan the QR code on the station which redirected them to the payment page. At that point only the fiat payment was implemented.
  • In November 2022, the new MVP version was released which included payments with EGLD token on MultiversX network. The people that attended the X Day conference in Paris had the chance to see our stations, rent a power bank by paying with EGLD. The feedback was great and we’ve started work on the next phase. Here you can read the X Day retrospective.
  • 2023 started with the announcement of Binance Smart Chain integration in our Minimum Viable Product.
  • We’ve started work on a new product behind the scenes, but more details to be announced at a later time.

3. White Paper Update. What’s new?

Connecting IoT to Blockchain.

From the beginning our infrastructure was designed to be easily integrated with other services and IoT devices, not only the power bank sharing stations. It can be anything, from E.V. chargers to GPS tracking sensors.

Decentralised network of Electric Vehicle Chargers.

Together, we’re building the biggest decentralised network of E.V. chargers. You’ll be able to share your electric vehicle charger with anyone and earn passive income. Connect it to our platform, make it visible for other users and that’s it – people will be able to use it to charge their cars and all the profit will be automatically transferred to your wallet. All handled by smart contracts on multiple blockchain networks.


Our tokenomics was also updated to better represent our mission as follows: 

  • Initial supply decreased from 1,000,000,000 to 200,000,000.
  • Team share has decreased from 12% to 4%.
  • Team vesting has been changed (increased) with the first unlock in the 24th month.
  • Public sale amount increased from 4% to 20%.
  • Staking rewards increased to 24%.
  • Marketing budget increased to 20.35%.


Here we added the E.V. Chargers announcement for Q1-Q2 2023. In upcoming weeks a new platform will be released for our community members, which is called Rewards. Also, the Public Sale event will take place in this period of time.

In Q3-Q4 2023 we’re planning to install the first batch of stations and open the public sale.

In Q1-Q2 2024 we’re planning to release our platform for sharing E.V. chargers and grant access to beta users. Also, looking to install the second batch of power bank stations.

In Q3-Q4 2024 we’re planning to install our 3rd batch of power bank sharing station and also to release the E.V. charging platform on mainnet for all users.

4. Our vision and future plans.

We do believe in a sustainable future and a circular economy model. More people adopt the sharing model in their lifestyle. E.V. charging infrastructure is not growing with the same pace as electric vehicles market. That’s why we’re confident that now it’s the perfect time to integrate this solution and help people to build the biggest decentralised network of E.V. charging stations in the world. Let’s go charge!

P.S. IoT devices do not include only power bank sharing stations and E.V. chargers 👀. With our scalable and easy to integrate solution, new opportunities and use-cases are about to be discovered and delivered. If you have an idea that fits with our infrastructure, let’s have a chat.