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About goCharge

Join us on this exciting journey towards sustainability!

Meet – a startup that integrates blockchain and crypto payments at the core level of a traditional web2 business model based on hardware devices. Simply put – a mobile and web app that connects you to a network of power bank rental stations. Power banks are fully charged and ready to be used. Our app is connected to the blockchain and accepts both crypto and fiat payments. Scan, Sign, Charge! As simple as that!

More than that, you can own power banks or stations via goChargeTech franchise and earn passive income. An NFT is used as proof of power bank franchise ownership.


Our goal is to improve sustainability and bring power bank mobility to as many places as possible. How can we achieve it? With power bank sharing stations.

Power Bank Mobility

Rent power banks and charge devices on the go. Use it as long as you need it and then return it to any available station (at any goChargeTech station in any EU country). These power banks come with 3 charging cables usable at the same time: usb-c, lightning and microUSB. Borrow. Use. Return. Sounds interesting? There’s more…

Running commercials

Some models of our stations come with an integrated display and speaker that can play ads. Both, goChargeTech and franchise owners will be able to manage ads and get additional revenue from commercials played on their stations.

how it works

we’re taking it to web 3.0

Blockchain transaction fees are cheap (MultiversX, BSC, Polygon). Blockchain is secure, transparent and fast. NFTs are used as proof of franchise ownership.

Minimum Viable Product

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Past. Present. Future.


The idea of the "goChargeTech" project came to life in the middle of 2021. Established connections with suppliers. Started work on Proof of Concept app.
Q1 2022: Proof of Concept
PoC is ready. Backend infrastructure and code to manage stations is in alpha version. Mobile app is built to accept credit card payments.
Q1 - Q2 2022: White Paper. Legal.
White Paper and tokenomics made public. Company incorporation. Implement presale & staking smart contracts. Implemented ESDT & eGLD payments in our MVP.
Q3 - Q4 2022: Presale. MVP
Presale event. Work on project development. Create MVP connected to a smart contract on MultiversX blockchain. Release open source erdjs-vue library.
Q1 - Q2 2023: Rewards. Public sale.
Token Generation Event. Public sale event. Phase 2 announcement. Connect app to BNB chain. Token listing on xExchange. Marketing and promotion events.
Q3-Q4 2023: Install 50 stations
First batch of stations shipment. Code audit. Security & penetration testing. Install our first 50 stations in a few EU cities.
Q1-Q2 2024: Install 500 stations
Second batch of stations shipment. Phase 1 monitoring and improvements. Expand the number of stations in the EU up to 500. Marketing and promotion campaigns.
Q4 2024: Install 2500 stations
Third batch of stations shipment. Phase 2 monitoring and improvements. Expand the number of stations in the EU up to 2500. Marketing and promotion campaigns.
Q4 2024: Franchise
Open franchise to everyone. Individuals and companies can install their own stations and get revenue. Continue with marketing campaigns.
Marketing campaigns and aim to grow at a fast pace and expand globally.

Our Partners

Our team

Meet our core team

With more than 10 years experience in building products, business and project management, we’re working 100% to bootstrap and scale up goChargeTech

Ion Vrinceanu


Andrei Pinzaru

Business Development

Radu Balan

Project Manager

Lorena Budoian

UI/UX Designer

Liviu Popa


Alexandra Vrinceanu

UI/NFT Designer

Frequently Asked Questions is a mobile and web app that connects you to a network of power bank rental stations. Power banks are fully charged and ready to be rented. Our stations are connected to the Elrond blockchain and will accept both crypto and fiat payments.

Our goal is to connect web2 traditional business model to web3 and bring benefits of the blockchain: cut the fees. Small fees result in the best price for you: every credit card transaction is charged by the payment processors. Comparing Elrond fees and other traditional credit card payment processors for a number of 2000 transactions ($1 average tx amount) we will cut the costs with ~$200. Click here to open the calculator.

It depends on the type of the user. If a user has bought a power bank in our network, then it owns that power bank and will pay only for the energy that was consumed to charge the battery. If it’s a regular user, then a deposit will be held when the power bank is released from the station. The deposit works in the same manner as for hotel or rent a car deposit policy and will be returned to the customer once power bank is returned to any station.

At this moment we have few stations in Romania which are used for development and testing purpose.
We aim to install the first stations in Q1 2023. Our business plan is split into 3 phases as follows:
– Q1 2023 install 50 stations
– Q1 2024 install 500 stations
– Q4 2024 install 2500 stations
Our target is to install the first batch of 50 stations in Amsterdam and then expand in major EU cities.

There are 2 revenue sources:
1. power bank rentals
2. running commercials on the stations display

We’ll implement 2 types of franchise:

  • individuals will be able to buy power banks and keep them in our network. They will be able to borrow any battery, any time, from any place and will pay only a small fee for charging the power bank (to the station owner). Power bank owners will receive a fee each time someone else is renting their batteries. For example: person A has a battery; person B rents the power bank owned by person A; person A receives a fee from person B’s payment.
  • Legal entities can buy stations with power banks that will be included in our app. These entities will pay a small fee for infrastructure (servers, support, maintenance), but all revenue from these power banks rentals will go into their accounts.

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