GoCharge Tech

Like Uber - but for Electric Vehicles Chargers and Power Bank Stations

The Platform is Designed to Provide 2 main functionalities to:

  1. Network of Power Bank Sharing Stations
  2. Decentralized Network of Electric Vehicle Chargers

We Build, You Own!

Minimum Viable Product

At the current stage, we have an MVP which connects a network of power bank sharing stations to Binance Smart Chain and MultiversX blockchain networks.

Users can rent power banks by using our dApp and pay with EGLD and BNB tokens. 

Core products

Our goal is to create the biggest decentralised network of IoT devices like power bank sharing stations and EV chargers.


Power Bank Sharing Stations

Rent a power bank from our network, pay with crypto and charge devices on the go.  Use it as long as you need, then return it to any available station. Our power banks come with 3 integrated charging cables that can be used in the same time: usb-c, lightning, microUSB.


Electric Vehicle Chargers

Share your EV charger with anyone and earn passive income. At GoChargeTech we’re building a platform where you’ll be able to connect EV charger and allow others to use it. All handled on blockchain by Smart Contracts.


Read the technical WhitePaper to find out more about problems we’re solving, our solutions, how franchise works and which category of users will be the first one to be able to connect Electric Vehicle chargers to our platform.


GoChargeTech Token (symbol CHARGED) is a utility token that is created on the MultiversX blockchain network and it will be used in the GoChargeTech ecosystem. With CHARGED you’ll be able to pay power bank rentals and Electric Vehicle charging. 

Are you an early adopter?

Together we’re building the biggest, decentralised, global network of Electric Vehicle Chargers. Let’s go charge ⚡


The idea of the "GoChargeTech" project came to life in the middle of 2021. Established connections with suppliers. Started working on PoC.
2022 - Q1: Proof of Concept.
PoC is ready. Backend infrastructure and code to manage stations is in alpha version. Mobile app is built to accept credit card payments.
2022 - Q1-Q2: Whitepaper. Legal.
White Paper and tokenomics made public. Company incorporation. Implemented ESDT & EGLD payments in our MVP.
2022 - Q3-Q4: Private sale. MVP.
Private sale. Work on project development. Create MVP connected to a smart contract on MultiversX blockchain. Release open source erdjs-vue library.
2023 - Q1-Q2: Public Sale. Electric Vehicle chargers.
Connect MVP to the Binance Smart Chain. New phase (EV chargers) announcement. Public Sale on BHero launchpad.
2023 - Q3-Q4: Install first batch of stations. Rewards platform.
First batch of stations shipment. Code audit. Security & penetration testing. Install our first stations in Amsterdam. Launch rewards platform.
2024 - Q1-Q2: Install second batch of stations. EV chargers beta app.
Second batch of stations shipment. Monitoring and improvements. Expand the number of power bank sharing stations in the EU countries. Marketing and promotion campaigns. Release beta version for EV chargers app and test with Nucleus NFT holders.
2024 - Q3-Q4: Install third batch of stations. EV app on mainnet.
Third batch of stations shipment. Monitoring and improvements. Expand the number of power bank sharing stations in the EU countries. Marketing and promotion campaigns. Release EV chargers app for all users.
2024 - Q4: Franchise.
Open power bank franchise to everyone. Individuals and companies can install their own stations and get revenue. Continue with marketing campaigns.
Marketing campaigns and aim to grow at a fast pace and expand globally.


With more than 10 years experience in building products, running businesses and project management, we’re doing our best to bootstrap and scale up GoChargeTech

Ion Vrinceanu


Software engineer and entrepreneur with more than 12 years experience in building tech solutions for banks, cybersecurity and SaaS companies.

Andrei Pinzaru

Business Development

Experienced Business Manager located in China with direct networking with manufacturers. Running a E.V. dealership in Moldova.

Radu Balan


With more than 10 years in national and international retail, commerce and business development, Radu brings in great experience in collaborating with multinational companies.

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