Shareable Electric Vehicle Chargers

Network of EV Chargers

Our platform for commercial and residential Electric Vehicle chargers has a focus on User Experience. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible to charge an EV, in few simple steps. Also, by implementing the blockchain and crypto payments, we’re cutting the fees off and the end user will pay less!

Share your EV charger with anyone and earn passive income. Just connect the EV charger to our platform and you’re all set! Join our efforts to build a decentralised network of EV chargers!

Base concept

GoChargeTech helps you connect to blockchain any EV charger that runs OCPP protocol in few steps: 

  1. Manage time slots, set the availability and price for customers.
  2. Set the accepted payment methods (fiat and crypto), blockchain and tokens accepted by SmartContracts.
  3.  All done. Customers will see your EV Charger in app and use it. 
Main advantages

Together we’re building a decentralised, global network of Electric Vehicle Chargers. Let’s go charge ⚡


Passive Income

Put your EV at work while you’re not using it. Start earning passive income in minutes.


OCPP Protocol

In the initial phase, we’ll provide support for OCPP communication protocol



Anyone can connect and list their EV chargers in our application. 


No app needed

Our mobile website is designed to work seamlessly and there’s no need to install another app in your phone.



Connect EV charger to your favorite blockchain. Our goal is to integrate all major chains.


Be an early adopter

Be the first one to join our club. EV market is growing at a fast pace, so web3 adoption.

Business model

Depending on blockchain and payment method chosen by customer, there will be a small fee for each transaction.

As CHARGED token is the core of our business, paying for charging services with our token will not apply any fees.

For enterprise customers that expect big number of transactions, there will be a capped monthly fee amount.

Proof of concept

As proof of concept, we’ve connected power bank sharing stations to MultiversX and Binance Smart Chain. Our MVP accepts crypto payments with BNB and EGLD tokens. For next phase, we’re working to connect EV chargers.

Our E.V. Chargers

In our efforts to promote the blockchain and onboard more people in the GoCharge Tech ecosystem, we’ve registered the trademark BlockChainCharger!

At this moment, under this brand, we have 2 products: residential and commercial electric vehicle chargers.

The BCC StartUp 7kW EV Charger is single-phase, secure and the perfect choice for home usage.

If you’re looking for a charger to be installed in a commercial space like parking lots at shopping centres, office buildings, etc, then BCC Business 22kW EV Charger is the right companion.

Power Bank Mobility

Rent a power bank and charge your phone anywhere, anytime. Fast, secure, easy – just follow 2 steps: 1. Scan the QR code on the station and sign transaction. 2. Power bank is released – charge your device.