What is GoChargeTech?

goCharge.tech is a platform that connects users to a network of shareable IoT devices like power banks and EV charging stations. By using our web and mobile app, users will be able to:
1. Rent power banks from a network of stations owned by GoChargeTech and franchise owners.
2. Find an EV charger in proximity to a specified location. Book a time slot and charge the car.
3. Use blockchain technology to pay for services described above.
4. Connect Electric Vehicle charger to our platform and earn passive income by sharing it with other users.
5. Buy EV chargers compatible with our infrastructure and earn passive 5 income via our platform.
6. Buy power bank sharing stations and earn passive income via our platform.

Why would I rent a power bank instead of buying one?

There are multiple reasons:
– you don’t have to worry about charging power bank and carry it with you all the time
– help build a sustainable and green future on our planet
– power bank can be picked up from one station and returned to any station in our network
– power banks come with 3 cable types that fits for all modern devices: usb c, lightning and miniUSB

What is the utility of your startup?

Our goal is to create infrastructure and connect IoT devices (web2 traditional business model) to web3 and bring benefits of the blockchain: cut the fees and decentralisation. Small fees result in the best price for you: every credit card transaction is charged by the payment processors. Comparing MultiversX fees and other traditional credit card payment processors for a number of 2000 transactions ($1 average tx amount) we will cut the costs with ~$200. Click here to open the calculator.

What is your revenue source?

There are few revenue sources:
1. Power bank rentals.
2. Screen time to run commercials on the stations display.
3. Transaction fees from EV chargers that are included in our network.
4. Power bank franchise system.

Why do you need a token?

By integrating ESDT token into our business model, we’re solving few issues:
– Cut the transaction fees – it costs less than $0.01 to sign a transaction in Elrond blockchain, while payment processors takes ~$0.20-$0.50 per transaction
– Franchise owners receive tokens instantly when rental is paid with CHARGED tokens and no minimum amount is requested for withdrawal

Where I can find a station to rent a power bank?

At this moment we have few stations in Romania which are used for development and testing purpose. We aim to install the first batch of stations in Q3-Q4 of 2023. Our target is to install the first batch of stations in Amsterdam and then expand in major EU cities.

I have a location and want to install a station. What should I do?

Depending on the country and city, you can choose to get the stations in a franchise system or we can install them.
Please submit the form on our contact page with all your details and we’ll get in touch shortly.

What is the difference between stations installed by goCharge and those in franchise?

There is no difference. All stations are connected to the same app. On the map page, user will be guided to the closest one to their location, no matter if it’s owned by GoChargeTech company or someone else.

How franchise works? Who can own a power bank or station?

We’ll implement 2 types of franchise:
– individuals will be able to buy power banks and keep them in our network. They will be able to borrow any battery, any time, from any place and will pay only a small fee for charging the power bank (to the station owner). When someone else is renting their batteries, power bank owners will receive a fee. For example: person A has a battery; person B rents the power bank owned by person A; person A receives a fee from person B’s payment.
– legal entities can buy stations with power banks that will be included in our app. These entities will pay a small fee for infrastructure (servers, support, maintenance), but all revenue from these power banks rentals will go into their accounts.

Who will take care of maintenance of the stations?

Depending on the number of stations (owned by GoChargeTech & franchise) in each city, we’ll hire staff or work with contractors that provide such service.

How is the app developed? In-house or outsourcing?

goCharge.tech mobile and web app is developed in house by our team members. At the current stage we have an MVP that works with fiat and crypto payments. Fiat payments are processed by Stripe and for the ESDT token we’ve implemented a Smart Contract on MultiversX blockchain. For Binance Smart Chain we’ve integrated the BNB payments.

Where is the company based?

The company is registered in Romania and our core team is distributed in Romania, Moldova and the UK.

How do you guarantee GoChargeTech success?

Success comes with hard work. Nobody can guarantee success for a startup, but we can guarantee that we have a great and experienced team and we give our 100% to achieve best results. Our code and Smart Contracts will be audited by external entities and we’re in contact with technical and security advisors with work experience in big companies, including FAANG.