The sharing economy model has become quite popular in the last decade. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way of doing business and comes with many advantages over traditional businesses. For example, the sharing economy is often more affordable.

As an example, all of us have at some point used a service like Uber, Airbnb or Blablacar.

At GoChargeTech, we believe that the sharing economy model is the future of business. We are committed to create a platform where people will be able to connect and share their IoT devices with others.

The Problem

The EV market is growing at a fast pace. According to Delloite, by 2030, the global EV market share will be ~30%. One downfall is the lack of charging infrastructure. Of course, people are buying E.V. chargers and install them at home or at their private parking spots. The downside is the expensive cost and the fact that more than half of the time these E.V. chargers are not used – which leads to a longer period to return the investment.

From 2035, all new cars that come on the European Union market cannot emit any CO2 (source). This is to ensure that by 2050, the transport sector can become carbon-neutral. To build a commercial E.V. charging infrastructure at this scale will be expensive. 

To sustain the current momentum in E.V. sales, we need to ensure that a bigger share of population have access to E.V. charging infrastructure, both public and private charging points.

The solution

Together, we’re building the biggest, decentralised and global network of Electric Vehicle Chargers. Our platform is designed in a way that anyone in the world can connect their E.V. charger and allow other people to use it. A platform for decentralised network of E.V. chargers.

In the initial phase, GoChargeTech will integrate chargers that runs OCPP in few easy steps:

  • Add a charger to our network.
  • Select the availability time slots (when other users will be able to use it).
  • Select which blockchains and tokens will be accepted as payment methods.
  • All done – customers will see your charger in our app and will be able to use it.

As a customer, to use a charger from our network, you’ll have to follow these steps:

  • Lookup for needed location on map page and book a time slot on the selected EV charger.
  • Drive to the selected location.
  • Choose a payment method and sign the transaction.
  • Charge your car.

Real life example

Let’s say John lives on the X street. He has a parking spot and EV charger. 

John works on street Y and on weekdays his parking spot is free.

John adds the EV charger to the GoChargeTech network and sets the availability period to be the same as his working hours – so the parking spot and charger are free.

Olivia works on the same street where John lives – street X. 

She checks the available charging points via GoChargeTech platform. She finds the John’s one as the closest and books it. While she’s at work, she can park her EV at John’s parking spot and charge it.

It’s a win-win situation. Olivia charges her car and John is having a passive money stream from the EV charger.

Business model

You may wonder – how much will it cost to add an E.V. charger to our network? It will cost you nothing. Our business model is based on transaction fees and not on monthly or subscription fees.


Is it a model-fit for any scenarios? Probably not. If your E.V. charger is installed in a garaje or on a private, fenced property, it might not be a solution to leave it open for other people to use it.

What is the best case scenario? Probably a parking spot that has no access restrictions and other drivers have access to it. It’s best suited for European countries like Romania, Greece, but not limited to, where the charging infrastructure is not yet well developed and most of the parking spots are accessible for anyone.