We started our journey with the name of wattwo in mid-2021 by gathering as many market ideas and analytics as possible. 

Fast forward only one year, and we now have a complex MVP running on the Elrond blockchain as proof of concept and execution. 

During the last year, people who are new to our project have often raised the same question:

“What is wattwo?”

While that is a question that many projects encounter, our community and advisors have helped us understand a fundamental aspect:

Our brand and identity should align with our story and mission. 

Branding is more than just making a name work; it is about helping our community understand our aims and goals easily. 

We do not only offer power bank rental; we also value our customers’ time, mobility, and convenience.

wattwo Rebranding – Welcome, goCharge

Creating an effortless experience is not just about offering convenience; it’s about helping people understand our mission and goals without needing to ask. 

Therefore, we have decided to take this opportunity to create a more memorable and understandable name through a name rebrand. 

New name – same great experience. 

During our search for a better community connection through branding, there were several aspects we took into consideration:

  1. Memorability. – goCharge is easier to remember and more explanatory. 
  2. Simplicity. – goCharge is more simple to understand. 
  3. Brandability. – goCharge makes sharing our story, message, values and mission easier.

Despite the rebranding, the start-up core remains the same, with the same great benefits and advantages, still helping improve sustainability and being the superior choice compared to other charging methods.

Now, the opening question of; “What is wattwo?” can be replaced with:

What is, and what do we do?

Simple: Powering (tech) devices on the go!

To find out more, visit the following: