As the environmental sustainability issue seems to be worsening with time, bringing us into a period of a true environmental crisis, it slowly becomes one of the main topics approached by the vast majority of people, including scientists and politicians, all looking for ways of solving the problem. Hence, being an important and sensitive subject, which affects our daily life, we must keep searching for solutions for as long as we can, to find the best ones.

At goCharge we took this point into account and came up with a great idea, that not only solves a social dilemma, but also encourages sustainability among society members. Our team didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just thought about the problems that the current businesses related to this topic have. So we came up with a better solution: “power bank mobility” connected to blockchain. In our case, blockchain is the middleman that does most of the transactions. All of this brings us, the members of the current society, one step closer to solving sustainability problems.

The need of owning a personal power bank disappears

Power bank sharing has many benefits. The most important is that it removes the need of manufacturing plastic goods to a great extent, thus we will be able to achieve more with less products. Let’s say that, hypothetically, instead of 1000 people buying 1000 power banks, we would need to make use of only 100 goCharge power banks, which would be able to sustain all of them. In addition, all our power banks will get recycled as per the EU standards. This means that, compared to the fact that many people don’t recycle, our solution will drastically reduce plastic and heavy metals waste. On top of that, the sharing itself will offer multiple advantages, such as easing you of some additional and potentially useless weight, and further eliminating the trouble of thinking whether your personal power bank has enough energy to sustain all the appliances for an extensive period of time. Alternatively, the need for conveying many types of charging cables disappears on the grounds of offering three different charging options (USB-C, lightning, micro-USB), which would suit every gadget of yours.

Lower prices and no waiting time, all without damaging the environment

As we mentioned in the introduction, Elrond blockchain serves as the middleman of most transactions in our system. We chose it because it is environmentally friendly (a carbon-negative blockchain), secure, transparent, fast, cheap, and efficient. Furthermore, being low-cost, it gave us the possibility to reduce costs by a margin and therefore allowing us to offer more affordable packages in regards to the competition. As of Elrond’s fast transactional speed, the release time of deposits will be on-the-spot, making it the quickest payment method. Hence, all arguments above-mentioned made Elrond the most logical go-to for this type of solution. 

Overall, we consider that power bank mobility is the way to go. By adopting and using our services, we accelerate the process of improving the quality of the environment and promote a more sustainable approach. We highly encourage a more frequent use of goCharge services of sharing power banks, because by using it, you will make use of multiple opportunities at once. Foremost, this would simplify your life considerably, and second, as we mentioned earlier, you will be able to contribute to the making of a greener and a more sustainable future, all of this at a very affordable price.