Why use shareable power banks?

Since we first revealed our start-up idea, many people have come up with questions, wondering why they would use shareable power banks. In the following article, we will argue why goCharge is the way to go and why to choose us over other methods of device-charging. More precisely, we will cover multiple topics, such as the comparison between using goCharge and personal power banks, why charging at wall sockets is not as convenient as it seems, and a brief mention of all the advantages that bring goCharge service to the top and make it the superior choice.

Why not just own a personal power bank?

Owning a personal power bank comes at a cost and will often give you headaches. Firstly, you must buy one. However, if you want it to serve your needs for 3-4 years (the average life span), you must opt in for more trustable power banks with a better build quality. The downside is that most of them cost an arm and a leg. Secondly, if you are a moderate to an intense user, depending on how you plan to use it, a part of your brain will frequently be cluttered with reminders not to forget to charge power bank in the first place and with specific thoughts, such as when and where to charge it. Also, you will always have to carry it, admitting you need it or not, taking space in the bag. Therefore, this will make you think twice before taking it. Another disadvantage is that if you buy the power bank, there will be times when it will not be needed and used. Hence it will uselessly use up space and accumulate dust. Last but not least, considering specific situations when power banks are idle, the remaining energy from the batteries would get wasted.

Power bank mobility VS socket wall charging

If you want to use your devices during charging or on-the-go, wall sockets are not the most convenient way of charging. For starters, choosing this option over the use of power banks results in having many restrictions, both in your quotidian schedule and during one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, traveling. You can only charge your devices at the place where you stay or at a café/bar, and even there, they might have demanding requirements for charging. What is more, the average charging cable length is 1 m. Therefore, you might have to stay in an uncomfortable position. Lastly, compared to goCharge power banks, which assure you the freedom of moving wherever and whenever you desire, wall sockets keep you tied to a place for as long as your devices are not fully-charged or at least don’t have enough energy to keep you going at your own pace.

goCharge power bank with 3 charging cables included.

Why goCharge?

Using goCharge shareable power banks will make it easier to charge devices on-the-go without worrying too much about logistics. Our power banks come with 3 charging cables integrated and you can use them with any modern device. Besides having to pay just for the used energy, you will have the freedom to rent a power bank from a station and return it to another one in any country/city where goCharge stations are available. Our service will help sustainability, hence improving the environment. Furthermore, it will be possible to earn money via our franchise system.