We’re excited to announce our latest feature: DAO! 🎉 🚀

With our decentralised network of electric vehicle chargers and power bank sharing stations, we are looking to bring adoption of a cleaner and greener future. Our web3 community was built around the CHARGED token and we are excited to introduce a new feature that will take it to the next level – chargeDAO.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation is a revolutionary way of building and organising communities. It is a system that allows members to participate in decision making processes transparently and democratically through a voting system that is based on blockchain technology.


At “GoCharge Tech”, we are confident that the benefits of a DAO are clear. By giving our members a voice in the decision making process, we are creating a more engaged and invested community. 

The introduction of DAO and involvement of our supporters will be made in a few steps. Initially, we’ll unlock the “web3 club” and its members will be able to share their thoughts and vote on decisions related to GoCharge Tech web3: community, token, partnerships and so on.

How to become a DAO member?

We believe that those that are “skin in the game” should have a word to say regarding our web3 presence and to be able to shape the future. First members of our DAO will be wallets that have at least 2000 CHARGED in one of the locked term staking pools. Those supporters that trust our long term vision and believe in our mission will be a part of it. 

If you’re looking for a way to be a part of the future of mobility, join us at “GoCharge Tech” to become a part of chargeDAO!