Join our exciting $CHARGED Listing Competition on xExchange!

We are thrilled to announce that our token, $CHARGED, on the MultiversX network is finally getting listed on xExchange DEX today! To make this listing even more exciting, we have organised a competition with fantastic rewards for participants.

How does it work?

Prize Pool – 200,000 $CHARGED Tokens

We believe in rewarding our community for their continuous support and engagement. As part of this listing competition, we have set up a generous prize pool of 200,000 $CHARGED tokens.

Buy 500 $CHARGED Tokens to Receive a 10% Bonus

To be eligible for the listing competition rewards, participants need to buy at least 500 $CHARGED tokens from xExchange. By doing so, you will not only ensure your entry but also be eligible to receive a bonus of 10% on top of your purchased tokens.

Add Liquidity to xExchange and Get a 20% Bonus in $CHARGED

For those who want to contribute to the liquidity pool on xExchange for at least 1 month, we have an additional bonus waiting for you. Anyone who adds liquidity to the DEX pool will be eligible to receive a bonus of 20% in $CHARGED tokens. It’s our way of appreciating the support provided towards enhancing the network’s liquidity.

Bonus Token Distribution via Coindrip App

To ensure transparency and security, we have chosen the Coindrip app for distributing the bonus tokens. This app will ensure that the delivery of bonus tokens is carried out efficiently and effectively. The unlock of these bonus tokens will occur after a 12-month period. This mechanism guarantees a fair and controlled distribution of the rewards.

First Come, First Served

In the spirit of fairness and to reward early participants, the distribution of bonus tokens will follow a “first come, first served” manner. So, don’t wait too long! Be part of the competition at the earliest to increase your chances of securing a spot in the distribution queue.