Charge for free. Earn Passive Income.

Power Bank Franchise

Now you can buy goChargeTech power banks in franchise. You'll be able to use any power bank for free and also earn passive income.

NFT as proof of franchise ownership

An NFT will be minted and transferred to their wallet as proof of franchise ownership.

Use any power bank for free

By holding a franchise NFT in their wallet, owners will be able to use any power bank from our network for free, paying only the power bank charging fee.

Earn Passive Income

When a 3rd party person will use a power bank that is connected to an NFT, our Smart Contract will automatically transfer all the profit into the wallet that holds the NFT.

Estimated ROI & Profit

  • Power bank cost ~ 35 euro
  • Estimated NET revenue per hour ~ 0.43 euro
  • Break even ~81 hours of use by 3rd party customers
  • Minimum cycles for a power bank – 300
  • Total minimum revenue from a power bank -258 euro
  • Total minimum NET revenue from a power bank -223 euro

Join the franchise waiting list

To buy power banks in franchise, you need to provide a few details about yourself and we’ll get in touch shortly.