As you may already know, at #GoCharge Tech we believe that community is an important pillar in our business. We’re looking to give back to our early adopters with different perks and benefits.

In May we announced our first perk – the staking lottery with electric vehicle chargers.

Announcing the second perk ⚡️

For our supporters that are “skin in the game” and choose to stake $CHARGED tokens in one of the fixed term staking pools, we introduce the second perk: Testers prize pool.

How does it work?

While developing our platform, we’ll release new functionalities and updates for testing. All wallets that have at least 2000 CHARGED tokens staked in one of the locked term staking contracts will be eligible to participate and share the rewards pool. 

As an example, let’s say we have 430 eligible wallets (unique wallets on May 25th) that can test the alpha version of our platform. For this testing phase, a pool of 50 EGLD will be shared. Let’s assume not all the wallets will participate, but only 250. This means that once the testing phase will be closed, the 50 EGLD will be distributed to 250 wallets, which means 0.2 EGLD each.


All you have to do is to stake at least 2000 CHARGED in a locked term staking contract. The staking platform is now live at